All parents are welcome to participate in Ampa, bringing their ideas and energy, for the education of the generation that will follow us.

The fee per family is € 12 per year.

A deposit with which we make possible many daily actions, which to all of us seem to come out of "nothing".

Participation is voluntary. We still remember that TOGETHER WE ADD TOGETHER IN STRENGTH, STRUGGLE AND DETERMINATION for a better public school.

You can remain as an associate during the time your children stay at the Center.

It is paid by family, not by children in the center.




To become a member of Ampa you would have to make the transfer to the account number:

ES41 2038 7221 616000462873

And members who have already paid please fill out the form so that you also have the opportunity to participate in the raffle of the " Diama Library " bonuses and can participate in the forums of the page.  

A fter   download the form and fill it out, print it and sign it. Then scan the form and the receipt of the transfer and send it to the mail: